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Changing landscape of route planning

The transport industry has seen a significant improvement in route planning over the past decade with many more advancements to come. In this article, we take a look at how this landscape has changed over the years and what can be done to further streamline certain processes. 

Changing landscape of route planning

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The advantages of route planning
Astron Energy Fleetcard

By using software that automates route planning, companies are able to detect delivery network changes in real-time in order to fine-tune the best available route and optimise vehicle use.

In the past, routes were studied to chart a viable delivery route, but information like real-time visibility and predictive capability was missing. This led to mishandled deliveries and unmet customer expectations. Now, with the aid of technology on-time in-full (OTIF) adherence can accurately predict when deliveries will reach their destinations.

Customers now expect to be notified about their delivery ETAs and if there are unavoidable delays.

Using subscription services like Google’s Cloud Fleeting API, which creates accurate routing plans at scale, makes sense as Google gets the most mapping data on the planet. Free services like Google Maps are useful, which use historical data and real-time constraints to provide optimal routes and schedules but do not allow route planning with unlimited stops.

Changing landscape of route planning

The advantages of route planning

  1. Route planners allow businesses to outsource deliveries to third parties during peak business hours and holidays.
  2. Efficient routes limit carbon emissions and footprint.
  3. Tweaking route planning software helps avoid traffic by prioritising the deliveries to the addresses that are the furthest away.
  4. Real-time updates of the position and availability of the fleet at any moment enable better control of the fleet and drivers, with the option to contact the driver directly with actionable alerts and guidance.
  5. Mobile app interaction between businesses and deliverers familiarises drivers with routes and minimises stressors.

Astron Energy Fleetcard

We recognise that our fleet customers’ main priority is delivering on their commitments to their customers, profitably. Changing landscape of route planning

Considerable savings

Astron Energy Fleetcard offers greater control, convenience and security to transport operators. Astron Energy can offer special pricing based on the wholesale list price as opposed to the conventional retail charge. Users can also qualify for volume-based discounts for significant on-road diesel usage.

Regain control

Thanks to analytics and fuel expense tracking, operators can securely monitor fuel usage. Astron Energy provides monthly savings reports detailing the price paid for fuel compared to the pump price, while the alliance bank’s fleet services division provides consolidated fleet management reports. Every fleet business equipped with a fleetcard can fill up at any of Astron Energy’s 532 service stations countrywide. 

The fleetcard site locator is a great tool to help to use when planning routes to ensure that drivers always fill up at Caltex or Astron Energy branded service stations to maximise savings. To find out more about the Astron Energy Fleetcard, contact us today.